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      "The Creating Process, My Thoughts and the Paintings Intentions... whispered through me into written word."

      A glance into the life and creation process of a heART Priestess.

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Each piece created speaks to me on a cellular level, whispering its intention and frequency into my ear. As the paint and vision pours out of me onto the canvas, the story is birthed into our reality. Here are their stories.

Divine Femininity… Forsaking Her mystery turns to emotional intensity, shamed for voicing Her discrepancy, centuries dismissed Her as ‘Crazy’… Again She rises, flows and nurtures in Her mastery.. Her super sensuality and metaphysicality.. held back by wounded beings that deny their own ability to manifest an intimate reality. This Priestess still prays lovingly to Her Divine Masculinity, they played roles separately, now

The Creatrix is within us all, she is our golden guide, star-lighting the path through the subconscious mind creating every step along the way. We can navigate and observe what we project into the dark veils, seeming blackness diffuses into indigo.. take the smoke and mirrors with an attitude of enthusiasm, curiosity and humor. The mysterious void and sparkling matrix/matter/maternal/mother that is animated by the Light

She comes in through the upside down door, fearless in her vulnerability and radical commitment to integrity. She makes a living practice of pausing to feel disruption in her body, her heart, and her mentality…and is not afraid to express tears of mourning the false identity. She is a young-faced, indigo feminine energy, representing openness, wonder and curiosity towards the human condition of duality.

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